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JULY 2016

Local Dining Out Report for July 2016

Wednesday 20th July 2016

Local Dining Out Report - The Ship Inn at Burcombe


The evening started off well for me. I arrived at my coach pickup point near the start of Woodgreen Village. I was ahead of time and there was nobody there. Curious! I waited and waited and then a coach appeared coming back down the High Street half full of people! It turned out that the driver had got ahead of himself and just kept going. Thankfully when I checked, everyone who should have been there, was on board, even me. We stayed ahead of ourselves until we reached Downton, then we were back on time. The final part of our journey took us around Salisbury through to Burcombe just outside Wilton.

Entering the corner of the The Ship Inn, we could see the bar on our right and our tables all nicely laid in the restaurant area at the far end. Everyone chose their tables and seats and then dashed to the bar. As it was a nice evening one or two people had a look around the garden. I set up the raffle table and went around selling raffle tickets, whist others took time to chat before we started eating.

Our main courses started to arrive around 7:45pm. We were all served by one menu item at a time. Everyone was very pleased with their menu choices and I had a lot of favourable comments later in the evening. Our main courses included Lamb Shank, Cod & Crab Gratin, Crisp Belly Pork, Tandoori Chicken, Steak Pie, Apricot and Zucchini Tagine. I can only speak first hand for the steak pie which I had, the steak melted in the mouth, the flaky pastry was extremely light to compliment and these were matched by the bubble and squeak, yummy!

Crispy Pork Belly
Apricot & Zucchini Tagine
Ship Inn Steak Pie
Slow Cooked Lamb Shank
Cod & Crab Gratin
Raffle Prizes

The tables were cleared from the main course and the desserts started to appear. We weren't really in a hurry as everything was going smoothly. Every dessert was fantastic. Garden rhubarb tarte tatin with ice cream, Summer berries cheesecake with pouring crteam, Strawberries and cream, Carrot Cake and ice cream, Duck egg creme brulee, Choccy Heaven dressed with English strawberries and the cheese and biscuits option was really nice with three types of cheese, butter, chutney and black grapes.

Duck Egg Creme Brulee
Strawberries & Cream
Garden Rhubarb Tarte Tatin
Warm Carrot Cake & Ice Cream
Choccy Heaven Dressed withy Strawberries
Cheese & Biscuits

After everyone had finished theire desserts we drew the raffle. Our thanks to Shirley and all of those on her table for folding all the tickets. Our star prize was the generous donation of a voucher from the management at The Ship Inn to return another time for a three course dinner for two. Well done Erica! Our prizes included wine, chocolates, soap, a book, some French Beans, a shopping bag and some notelets. We were pleased to raise a further £51.38 towards our target of £590.00 for ShelterBox. We have now raised £526.49 and need a further £63.51. RAFFLE REPORT At the end of the main raffle we had our usual dinner ticket lucky number draw for the box of Maltesers.

Our Herrington's coach was waiting at 10:15pm and we made our way back home. The return journey must have been very swift as I was back at Woodgreen Common by 11pm.

Thank you to everyone who joined us at The Ship Inn with a special thank you to our first time diners, Sally, Pat and Janet for joining us. We hope you all had a good evening and may join us again another time. On our next Local Dining Out evening, on Wednesday 24th August, we will be visiting The Trusty Servant at Minstead. Details are now available to book your place. LINK TO BOOKING INFORMATION


Donald Summers
Local Dining Out Group