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Local Dining Out Report for August 2016

Wednesday 24th August 2016

Local Dining Out Group Report - The Trusty Servant at Minstead


Everyone enjoyed our evening at The Trusty Servant at Minstead on Wednesday 24th August. Our thanks to our coach driver John for a smooth journey there and back. We arrived ahead of time giving us longer to enjoy a drink before our main course was served.

The Trusty Servant dining area was nicely divided into room sections but sufficiently open to allow us all to feel as though we were all together. Not too far from the bar, we could go and get our own drinks or order them to be brought to the tables.

Our group of 33 people were very well looked after by Olivia and the Trusty Servant manager, Mark, thank you. Our food was superb. It was nicely presented, each person had a good size portion and service was very good considering the complexity of our number and the different options. Several of us had the grilled salmon, roast vine tomatoes, new potatoes & salad which was really delicious. All the different desserts were also well received.

It was our aim to try to raise £63.51 on our raffle this evening to complete our target of £590 for our donation to ShelterBox. Well, thanks to Sue
who sold all the tickets, we reached our target with another £14.38 over. This was given to Shirley to add to her Garden Party fundraising on the
Saturday for the Medical Detection Dogs charity.

Our thanks go to several of our diners who brought along raffle prizes which gave us a bumper selection. I must mention one prize donated by
Alison which was a lovely quilted blanket. Other prizes on the table included wine, ever popular, chocolates, biscuits, a book, notecards and
a pack of cereals. Thank you everyone for your support. Finally we had our lucky ticket raffle draw for our box of Maltesers.

The next Local Dining Out Dinner will be on Wednesday 21st September 2016. We will be returning to The Avon Causeway Hotel at Hurn.
Here, once again, we will be dining in the Pullman Carriage which is on rails, static in the old Hurn Railway Station. You can read more about this dinner
and you can read our report from last year here.

Main Courses
Steak & Ale
Raffle Prizes
Chocolate Brownie
Bread & Butter Pudding
Cheese & Biscuits
Quilt (raffle prize)
Inside & Outside The Trusty Servant    
Trusty Servant - Front at night
Trusty Servant - rear garden at night
Dining area near bar
Group Dining Area
Group Dining Area
Group Dining Area
Group Dining Area
The Bar Area
Group Dining Area
Our Dining Tables
Table 01
Table 02
Table 03
Table 04
Table 05
Table 06

Donald Summers
Local Dining Out Group