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Local Dining Out Group Event Notification

Join us for our next Local Dining Out Evening at The Cliff House Hotel at Barton on Sea
on Wednesday
29th June 2016

Location:   The Cliff House Hotel at Barton on Sea
This year we will be returning to the Cliff House Hotel at Barton on Sea. Superby located close to the cliff and looking out over the sea. You can see our restaurant area along the front of the picture. The hotel has an outdoor patio area, where you can sit, If the weather holds, looking out to sea, to watch the sun set on the horizon, before heading home after an excellent evening.

Dining:   Restaurant
The Sun Lounge restaurant, where we dined last year, can seat 40 of us and we have arranged for a further 13 diners to be seated in the corner of the main restaurant, also looking out at sea. Our picture shows some of our group last year. We understand that this restaurant has has a further make-over since our last visit. We look forward to seeing to changes and an evening of excellent service and attention to detail.

Travel: .  

Herrington's Coach Door to Door
We have arranged pick up points as near as possible to where you live, more can be added. Our coach will be from Herrington's Coaches. Our first pick up point is in Fordingbridge, then Godshill, to Woodgreen, on to Hale, Woodfalls, Morgan's Vale and Downton, then Breamore and Burgate Cross. We have changed some of the pickup points to some new members of our Local Dining Out Group.

Drinks:   Buy your drinks at the bar on arrival
Most of our diners like to choose their seats on arrival at the restaurant and then go to the bar to buy their drinks. Please note the bar area is smaller than those at some restaurants we visit. Drinks, including tea and coffee, should be paid for as you go through the evening. There will be Charles Wells IPA, one guest beer, Estrella Lager and Aspalls Cider on tap. Plenty of spirits and soft drinks plus a full WINE LIST.


Menu Choices
Last year everyone was really impressed with our menu. This year we retain one or two choices from last year, the Burger and the Lamb and have introduced some new ideas. Pork Chop, Plaice, Mackerel and Beef.
With the desserts we retain the ever popular Cheesecake, Sticky Toffee Pudding and Cheese & Biscuits adding Fruit Salad. (see full menu choices )

Raffle: .  

Charity Raffle
We continue to raise money for the Shelter Box charity which supports emergency aid to places in the World which have been suddenly struck by natural disaster. You can read more about this on their website. The idea and target is for us to raise £590 for a 'New Start' box. We will be able to track and monitor where our box is used. We have now raised a total of £255.31 in 4 months towards our target. Link to Shelter Box website


Your ticket for our June 2016 dinner will cost £27.00 per person covering your two course dinner and the travel by coach.

Booking Cut-Off Time

We need to receive your booking, menu choices and payment by early evening on:
Wednesday 22nd June 2016
Please note we anticipate early booking on this dinner.


We are limited to 53 tickets for this restaurant and tickets will be allocated on a first come basis.


Please choose one main and one dessert from the following list:
(vegetarian options listed with [V] )

Main Meals:
Please use the short description in brackets when booking your choices

[PORK] Hampshire Pork Chop, Roast Potatoes, Seasonal Vegetables and Gravy.

[MACKEREL] Whole baked Mackerel (filleted & pin boned) Braised Fennel, Salsa Verde.

[BURGER] Mushroom & Halloumi Burger, Maris Piper Chips, Homemade Slaw.

[PLAICE] Fresh Plaice Goujons, Jersey Royals, Minted Peas.

[BEEF] Braised Shin of Beef, Champ Mash, Seasonal Greens

[LAMB] Keyhaven Shepherd’s Pie, Rosemary Mash, Seasons Greens


[FRUITSALAD] Fresh Fruit Salad with vanilla ice cream.

[CHEESECAKE] Vanilla cheesecake with Fruit Compote.

[CHEESE/BISC] Ford Farm Coastal Cheddar, Celery and Biscuits.

[STICKY TOFFEE] Sticky toffee pudding with Pouring Cream.

If you would like a cup of Tea or Coffee after your dessert you can order and pay for this at the bar

Coach Pickup Points:

We have arranged the following pickup points on the evening. We hope these will be near to most peoples houses.
Some times and pickup points may be changed according to who is coming on the evening.

Pickup Time


Detailed Location

17:55 (6:55pm)


Outside “The Ship” Public House in Fordingbridge

18:00 (6:00pm)


Location to be arranged according to who is joining us.

18:05 (6:05pm)


The junction of Brook Lane/High Street, Woodgreen, nearest Godshill

18:08 (6:08pm)


Outside "Dongoa" High Street, Woodgreen

18:10 (6:10pm)


Layby opposite The Horse & Groom, Woodgreen

18:15 (6:15pm)


outside Woodgreen Community Shop (subject to who is coming)

18:18 (6:18pm)


Opposite The Post Box at the end of Lower Densome, Woodgreen

18:20 (6:20pm)


Opposite the Keepers Cottage, Woodgreen (+ other near locations)

18:25 (6:25pm)


Tethering Drove Crossroads, Hale

18:28 (6:28pm)


Woodfalls Cross stop at the bus stop

18:30 (6:30pm)


Bus Stop Opposite Woodfalls Shop

18:35 (6:35pm)

[MV & W. V. HALL]

Morgan’s Vale & Woodfalls Village Hall (at the vehicle exit)

18:40 (6:40pm)


Location to be arranged according to who is joining us.

18:43 (6:43pm)


Outside of Hulse Hall by bus stop.

18:45 (6:45pm)


Opposite the end of Fryern Court Road

Additional Pickup Points can be arranged, according to who would like to join us, within the intended coach route.


Coach Travel:
Please let us know on your booking form if you are travelling on the coach but need specific seating because of travel sickness.

Travel By Car:
If you cannot travel by coach but would like to join us at The Cliff House Hotel, you are welcome to use your own car to get there.
However, your ticket price will remain the same, as if using the coach.

If you would like to come on our June Local Dining Out Evening


(A) If you are new to our group and not made a previous booking:
Your Name, your address with postcode, your phone number (house & or mobile) and your e-mail address.

(B) If you have booked before:
Your Name.

(C) For everyone making a booking:
Your Pickup Point for this event (short version from our list - [eg: BROOK LANE]
Please let us know if you need special seating for medical reasons.
Your Main Course Choice eg: [ CHICKEN]
Your Dessert Choice eg: [CHEESECAKE]
How you will be paying: eg: CASH / CHEQUE/ ONLINE PAYMENT
Your Payment Date.
click here for printable booking form

We must presume by making a booking you have read and agreed our terms & conditions.


(1) You can call us and make your booking by phone giving your menu choices & arranging payment.
Donald Summers on 01725 513963

(2) You can send us an e-mail covering items (A) or (B) plus (C)
Payment by one of the following ways.


(1) Direct Bank Payment:
This is very easy if you do online banking and we can confirm receipt of your payment


account: Local Dining Out Group

sort code: 20-72-37

account no: 33642410

reference: (your surname)

(2) You can deliver your payment by cash or cheque
Cheque (made payable to: Local Dining Out Group)
Local Dining Out Group, 7 Hill Close, Woodgreen, SP6 2BG (FRONT DOOR ONLY)

handed personally to Donald Summers or Angela Summers

(3) Call us and ask us to call and collect your payment as cash or by cheque
01725 513963
Cheque (made payable to: Local Dining Out Group)