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Local Dining Out Group Event Notification

Join us for our next Local Dining Out Evening at The Curlew Inn at West Parley, Christchurch.
on Wednesday
26th October 2016


The Curlew Inn at West Parley, near Christchurch
We're on the road south again to The Curlew Inn at West Parley, which is on the B3073, Christchurch Road, on the west side of Bournemouth Airport. The Curlew has had a varied and interesting history. The building was constructed in the 1800's and served as a farm mostly producing root vegetables. After gaining its license, the building became Mulligan's fish restaurant, then a themed pub and was more recently called The Manor before settling on being named after the wading bird - the Curlew.
Check them out on Trip Advisor or on Facebook or Twitter.

Dining:   Restaurant
As you enter through the front door, the bar is ahead of you. We will be seated at tables over to the right of the entrance. We will have random tables with seating for 4, 6 or 8 people. You would be advised to go and choose your table before heading to the bar. We regret we cannot guarantee seating position, table size or the number of seats available together. This picture shown does not quite do justice to the really nice dining area. In our usual way we will have a little time to buy our drinks and chat before our main course arrives.


Herrington's Coach Door to Door
We have arranged pick up points as near as possible to where you live, more can be added. Our coach will be from Herrington's Coaches. Our first pick up point is at The Ship in Fordingbridge. Then stops can be arranged at Burgate and Breamore. Our coach will drive to Woodgreen picking up as it enters the village, diverting up the High Street and back to the Horse & Groom. A pickup can be organised at Woodgreen Shop if required. It then goes up to Woodgreen Common and on to Hale and Woodfalls with further pickups en route. Finally it will go on to Morgan's Vale and then Downton. The route may vary on the return journey.

Drinks:   Buy your drinks at the bar on arrival
When you have chosen your seats at your table your next stop will probably be the bar, which you pass as you enter the building, central in the building. There is a DRINKS LIST available this includes: Beer - Doom Bar (4.3% ABV) plus some guest beers, Low & No Alcohol beers and World Beer. There is Champagne, White, Rose and Red by the glass, 175ml or 250ml and by the bottle. In addition to this there will be Cider Soft Drinks, Spirits, Water. The Curlew lists several British Gins and has one or two tonic waters to go with them. Soft Drinks include Belvoir Presse, Apeltiser, Elderflower, Raspberry Lemonade, Coke, Diet Coke, 7UP Free and Red Bull.


Menu Choices
This October we continue with the success of introducing Pizza last month. New this month, we have introduced, Rump Steak with Chips, Peas and Roast Vine Tomatoes. If you choose the steak your waiter will ask you, on the night, how you would like it cooked. Main courses also include a Curry, a Beef & Mushroom Pie, Salmon and a Ricotta & Spinach Tart.
Apple Pie returns as a dessert along with Cholate Brownie, Cheesecake, Sticky Toffee Pudding and a very good Cheese & Biscuits. New this month is Honey Rippled Frozen Natural Yoghurt with Fresh Berries. (see full menu choices )

Raffle: .  

Charity Raffle
We started off very well at our dinner at The Avon Causeway in September raising £58.26
for The Royal National Lifeboats (RNLI) We will continue to raise money for this charity in October but may go on longer depending upon how much we raise.
This charity is very well known for the excellent work done protecting and saving lives around our coasts and sometimes inland when flooding occurs.


Your ticket for our October 2016 dinner will cost £27.00 per person.

Booking Cut-Off Time

We need to receive your booking, menu choices and payment by early evening on:
Wednesday 19th October 2016
Please try not to leave it until this date as we may be fully booked.


Tickets will be allocated on a first booked and paid basis.
It may be necessary to return bookings if received after we have sold out. It would be a good idea to enquire first before sending your booking/payment the nearer we get to the 19th October.
(If tickets remain unsold, later bookings may be accepted depending upon how near we are to the 26th October and whether the restaurant will accept more bookings.)
IMPORTANT: We cannot guarantee any refunds for late cancellations, after the 19th October, unless we have diners on a waiting list
who will not only take the place but also the menu choices you made.


Please choose one main and one dessert from the following list:
(vegetarian options listed with [V] )

Please use the short description in brackets when booking your choices:

Main Course:

Chicken Thai Green Curry with Sweet Potato, Pak Choi, Roasted Kapia Pepper and Coriander Rice.

[STEAK] Rump Steak served with Chips, Peas and Roasted Vine Tomatoes. (you will be asked how you like your steak on the night)

[TART] Ricotta and Spinach Tart served with Baby Potatoes and Seasonal Vegetables.

[PIE] Beef Pie, Slow Cooked British Beef and Portabella Mushrooms in a Red Wine Gravy topped with Puff Pastry served with Mashed Potato and Vegetables.

[SALMON] Seared Salmon served on a Bed of Green Beans with Dauphinoise Potato and a White Wine Sauce. 

[PIZZA Pulled Ham & Pineapple Pizza, with Cheddar, Mozzarella topped with Red Chillies & served with Chips.


Bramley Apple Pie, Apple Compote in a Shortcrust Pastry served with Glenowen Farm Vanilla
Ice-Cream and Custard.

[YOGHURT] Honey Rippled Frozen Natural Yoghurt with Fresh Berries.

[BROWNIE] Belgian Chocolate Brownie with Chocolate Sauce topped with Irish Liqueur Ice Cream.

[CHEESECAKE] Peanut and Chocolate Chip Cheesecake, with Chocolate Sauce and Whipped Cream.

[STICKY TOFFEE] Sticky Toffee & Apple Pudding – Bramley Apple & Date Sponge topped with Toffee Sauce
served with Custard.

[CHEESE/BISC] British Cheeseboard, Cornish Blue, Wensleydale with Cranberries, Sandham’s Lancashire and
British Goats Cheese, with Grapes, Chutney & a selection of Biscuits

If you would like a cup of Tea or Coffee after your dessert you can order and pay for this at the bar

Coach Pickup Points:

We have arranged the following pickup points on the evening. We hope these will be near to most peoples houses.
Some times and pickup points may be added or removed according to who is coming on the evening.

Pickup Time


Detailed Location

18:10 (6:10pm)


Outside “The Ship” Public House in Fordingbridge

18:11 (6:11pm) (CATHOLIC CHURCH) Entrance to Catholic Church driveway, Fordingbridge

18:12 (6:12pm)


At the end of Fryern Court Road

18:15 (6:15pm)


Outside of Pine Shop/Bus Stop

18:20 (6:20pm)


Opposite Ye Olde Cottage, Woodgreen

18:23 (6:23pm)


Outside "Dongoa" High Street, Woodgreen

18:25 (6:25pm)


The junction of Brook Lane/High Street, Woodgreen (nearest Godshill)

18:27 (6:27pm) [WOODGREEN SHOP) Woodgreen Shop

18:28 (6:28pm)


Opposite The Post Box at the end of Lower Densome, Woodgreen

18:30 (6:30pm)


Opposite the Keepers Cottage, Woodgreen (+ other near locations)

18:37 (6:37pm) [HOMMIT Ist Left Turn along Hale Purlieu Road
18:39 (6:39pm [CARTERS CLOSE] Opposite entrance to Carters Close.

18:40 (6:40pm)


Woodfalls Cross stop at the bus stop

18:43 (6:43pm) [WOODFALLS SHOP] Bus Stop Opposite Woodfalls Shop

18:45 (6:45pm)


Morgan’s Vale & Woodfalls Village Hall (car park exit point)

18:50 (6:50pm) [DOWNTON MOOT LANE] Bus Stop, on the left side, at end of Moot Lane, Downton

18:55 (6:55pm)


End of Charlotte Close, on Salisbury Road, towards Fordingbridge.


Coach Travel:

Please let us know on your booking form if you are travelling on the coach but need specific seating because of travel sickness
or for other medical reasons.

If you would like to come on our October Local Dining Out Evening


(A) If you are new to our group and not made a previous booking:

Your Name

Your full address with postcode

Your home phone number

Your mobile number (A mobile number is important for text, especially if you do not use e-mail, also for immediate contact on a Dining Evening)

Your e-mail address.

You can give us this information by telephone if you prefer. 01725 513963
Please note all information is kept strictly confidential for us to use to contact you.

(B) If you have booked before:
Your Name.

(C) For everyone making a booking:

Your Pickup Point for this event (short version from our list - [eg: BROOK LANE]

Please let us know if you need special seating on the coach for medical reasons.

Your Main Course Choice eg: [ CHICKEN]

Your Dessert Choice eg: [CHEESECAKE]

How you will be paying: eg: CASH / CHEQUE/ ONLINE PAYMENT
(we will check & confirm receipt, especially online payments)

Your Payment Date.

click here for printable booking form

We must presume by making a booking you have read and agreed our terms & conditions.


(1) You can call us and make your booking by phone giving your menu choices & arranging payment.
Donald Summers on 01725 513963

(2) You can send us an e-mail covering items (A) or (B) plus (C)
Payment by one of the following ways.


(1) Direct Bank Payment:
This is very easy if you do online banking and we can confirm receipt of your payment

account: Local Dining Out Group

sort code: 20-72-37

account no: 33642410

reference: (your surname)

(2) You can deliver your payment by cash or cheque
Cheque (made payable to: Local Dining Out Group)
Local Dining Out Group, 7 Hill Close, Woodgreen, SP6 2BG (FRONT DOOR ONLY)

handed personally to Donald Summers or Angela Summers

(3) Call us and ask us to call and collect your payment as cash or by cheque
01725 513963
Cheque (made payable to: Local Dining Out Group)