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Local Dining Out Group Event Notification

Join us for our next Local Dining Out Evening at The Fox & Goose at Coombe Bissett, Salisbury.
on Wednesday
23rd November 2016


The Fox and Goose, Coombe Bissett
Located just outside of Salisbury on the main A354 road to Blandford. Travelling from Downton we turn left at the traffic lights at Harnham towards Blandford and follow the road through to Coombe Bissett. The Fox & Goose, on your left as you approach, dates back to the mid nineteenth century, has had a make over in recent years. It has a large car park and a nice garden. This will be quite a short journey for us. We last visited The Fox & Goose in October 2015. You can see our report on this evening. Check them out on Trip Advisor or on Facebook

Dining:   Restaurant
We will be dining in one end of the main room at the Fox & Goose. The layout of the premises is quite open plan but our group should take over a reasonable part of the area. AS you enter the bar you should turn left back towards the main road. Our tables will be laid out to allow us to dine in groups as we have become used to. Our location is comfortably near to the bar with the entrance to the toilets across in a far corner. Please choose your table and who you would like to sit with for the evening as youi arrive and then go to the bar to buy your drinks.


Herrington's Coach Door to Door
We have arranged pick up points as near as possible to where you live, more can be added. Our coach will be from Herrington's Coaches. Our first pick up point is at The Ship in Fordingbridge. Then stops can be arranged at Burgate and Breamore. Our coach will drive to Woodgreen picking up as it enters the village, diverting up the High Street and back to the Horse & Groom. A pickup can be organised at Woodgreen Shop if required. It then goes up to Woodgreen Common and on to Hale and Woodfalls with further pickups en route. Finally it will go on to Morgan's Vale and then Downton. The route may vary on the return journey.

Drinks:   Buy your drinks at the bar on arrival
When you have chosen your seats at your table your next stop will probably be the bar, which you pass as you enter the building, central in the building. The Fox & Goose is a Freehouse and offers an excellent range of local and national Real Ales. Wine, cider, spirits and soft drinks are available, also tea/coffee later on in the evening. Please remember to pay for your drinks as you go during the evening.
Picture shows Keith Smith, lkandlord and two of his staff on our October 2015 visit.


Menu Choices
We will have two courses for our November Dinner, Main Course and Dessert. There will be seven choices of Main Course: Chicken Fricassee, Gammon Steak, Exmoor Pie, Fish & Chips, Cauliflower Cheese Medley and Beef Curry. There will also be a Vegetarian Curry. Our desserts will include Fruits of the Forest Cheesecake, Apple & Berry Crumble, Hot Chocolate Fudge Cake, Fruit Salad, Cheese & Biscuits and finally Just Ice Cream. You can purchase tea/coffee, yourself, after this if you have room! Once again these offer a different selection of choices. (see full menu choices )

Raffle: .  

Charity Raffle
We started off very well at our dinner at The Avon Causeway in September raising £58.26 for
The Royal National Lifeboats (RNLI) We continued in October raising £45.45 at the Avonway Wellbeing Day and then £44.92 at our October Dinner at The Curlew at West Parley. We have now raised £148.63 and will add to this with our November & December raffles.
This charity is very well known for the excellent work done protecting and saving lives around our coasts and sometimes inland when flooding occurs.


Your ticket for our November 2016 dinner will cost £25.00 per person.

Booking Cut-Off Time

We need to receive your booking, menu choices and payment by early evening on:
Wednesday 16th November 2016
Please try not to leave it until this date as we may be fully booked.


Tickets will be allocated on a first booked and paid basis.
It may be necessary to return bookings if received after we have sold out. It would be a good idea to enquire first before sending your booking/payment the nearer we get to the 16th November.
(If tickets remain unsold, later bookings may be accepted depending upon how near we are to the 26th October and whether the restaurant will accept more bookings.)
IMPORTANT: We cannot guarantee any refunds for late cancellations, after the 16th November, unless we have diners on a waiting list
who will not only take the place but also the menu choices you made.


Please choose one main and one dessert from the following list:
(vegetarian options listed with [V] )

Please use the short description in brackets when booking your choices:

Main Course:

Chicken Fricassee. Strips of Chicken with Mushrooms, Onions, and Herbs in a creamy white sauce,
served over Spiral Pasta Toasted Garlic Baguette.

[GAMMON] Gammon Steak served with Pineapple, Chips, Peas and grilled Tomatoes.

[PIE] Exmoor Pie. A Short Crust Pastry Pie with tender pieces of Lamb, Ham, Potato and Onions served with
New Potatoes, Vegetables and Gravy

[FISH] Fish & Chips. Haddock Fillet in a Crispy Batter, served with Chips, Salad Garnish and Mushy Peas.

[MEDLEY] Cauliflower Cheese Medley. Cauliflower with Sweetcorn, Eggs and Peppers topped with a Creamy
White Sauce and Cheddar Cheese, served with a Side Salad [V]

[BEEFCURRY] Beef Curry served with Rice, Poppadum and Mango Chutney.

[VEGCURRY] Vegetable Curry served with Rice, Poppadum and Mango Chutney. [V]


Fruits of The Forest Cheesecake served with Ice Cream.

Apple & Berry Crumble, served with Custard.

Hot Chocolate Fudge Cake served with Cream.

Fresh Fruit Salad served with Cream.

[ICECREAM] Two Scoops of Ice Cream – Vanilla & Chocolate.

[CHEESE/BISC] Cheese & Biscuits – Cheddar, Brie and Stilton with a selection of Biscuits.

If you would like a cup of Tea or Coffee after your dessert you can order and pay for this at the bar

Coach Pickup Points:

We have arranged the following pickup points on the evening. We hope these will be near to most peoples houses.
Some times and pickup points may be added or removed according to who is coming on the evening.

Pickup Time



Fordingbridge - The Ship


Fordingbridge - Catholic Church


Burgate Cross


Breamore – The Old Pine Shop


Woodgreen - Ye Olde Cottage


Woodgreen High Street -Dongoa


Woodgreen - Brook Lane


Woodgreen Shop (if required)


Woodgreen Common Post Box


Woodgreen - Keepers Cottage


Hale - Homet


Hale - Carters Close


Woodfalls Cross


Woodfalls Inn


Woodfalls Shop


Morgan’s Vale & Woodfalls Hall


Downton - Moot Lane


Downton - Salisbury Road



Coach Travel:

Please let us know on your booking form if you are travelling on the coach but need specific seating because of travel sickness
or for other medical reasons.

If you would like to come on our November Local Dining Out Evening


(A) If you are new to our group and not made a previous booking:

Your Name

Your full address with postcode

Your home phone number

Your mobile number (A mobile number is important for text, especially if you do not use e-mail, also for immediate contact on a Dining Evening)

Your e-mail address.

You can give us this information by telephone if you prefer. 01725 513963
Please note all information is kept strictly confidential for us to use to contact you.

(B) If you have booked before: Your Name. eg: Fred Smith

(C) For everyone making a booking:

Your Pickup Point for this event (short version from our list - eg: [BROOK LANE]

Please let us know if you need special seating on the coach for medical reasons. eg: "FRONT" or "NEAR FRONT"
for all other people please enter "ANY"

Please let us know if you have anything on our menu or generally, if important, that you mustn't eat. eg: "NO MUSHROOMS"

Your Starter (if offered for event) eg: [SOUP]

Your Main Course Choice eg: [ CHICKEN]

Your Dessert Choice eg: [CHEESECAKE]

How you will be paying: eg: CASH / CHEQUE/ ONLINE PAYMENT
(we will check & confirm receipt, especially online payments)

Your Payment Date. eg: 26/10/2016

click here for printable booking form

We must presume by making a booking you have read and agreed our terms & conditions.


(1) You can call us and make your booking by phone giving your menu choices & arranging payment.
Donald Summers on 01725 513963

(2) You can send us an e-mail covering items (A) or (B) plus (C)
Payment by one of the following ways.


(1) Direct Bank Payment:

Online banking is very straight forward. You need to set up Local Dining Out Group as if we are a person you normally and regularly pay through your online account. Our details are immediately below.

Can you please send us an e-mail when you have made your payment through the online banking just to let us know and confirm the amount paid.

You may need to send us your menu choices and pickup location at the same time. If you are new to our group please send your name, address, postcode, landline and mobile numbers.

As soon as we receive your e-mail we will look out for your payment through our online banking and send you a message as soon as we receive your payment. 

account: Local Dining Out Group

sort code: 20-72-37

account no: 33642410

reference: (your surname)

(2) You can deliver your payment by cash or cheque
Cheque (made payable to: Local Dining Out Group)
Local Dining Out Group, 7 Hill Close, Woodgreen, SP6 2BG (FRONT DOOR ONLY)

handed personally to Donald Summers or Angela Summers

(3) Call us and ask us to call and collect your payment as cash or by cheque
01725 513963
Cheque (made payable to: Local Dining Out Group)