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Local Dining Out Terms & Conditions


Although it has never been out intention to make our Local Dining Out Group too formal in this day and age we unfortunately need some ground rules to protect everyone concerned. You are always welcome to bring anything shown here to our attention if you feel it needs changing. Most of the details below apply to our normal monthly events. There may be some exceptions when we organise extra and special events.

Your ticket includes: One seat on our coach taking you to a local restaurant as advertised and your return journey. At the restaurant your ticket includes your dinner for that evening. Your dinner will normally be two courses, a main course and a dessert. This can be subject to change for some events when full notice would be given.

We will provide a coach for your journey from a local pickup point to the restaurant. Although we will always try to provide high standard transport, we cannot guarantee the size or quality of the coach. Your coach journey is included FREE in your ticket price, will be from your local agreed pickup point to the restaurant on the published date. It also includes your return journey to the same pickup point or to requested nearer drop off point going home. Drop off points remain at the drivers discretion on the night. We also take care of giving each driver a tip at the end of the evening.
Please let us know if you suffer from travel sickness or any other medical condition influencing your travel and we will always do our best to arrange requested seating.

It is very important that you confirm which pickup point you will be at for each Local Dining Out event and that you are there before the published pickup time. We cannot guarantee to wait for anyone who is really late or has forgotten about the evening. They are welcome to make their own way to the venue at their own cost but no refunds will be given against tickets paid for.

We have encountered one or two problems with coach pickups. We now require each diner (or one in the case of two or more people from the same house on the same evening) to make sure we have their mobile number on file and that they carry this mobile phone with them, switched on and ready to use or receive. In the event of someone not being at a pickup point at or very near to the time we publish for the evening we will try to call them providing we have a mobile signal. One of our group normally has signal. If we cannot make contact we may wait a short while but at our discretion we will continue on our journey.

If you are running late, have an emergency, can't remember the correct time please call Donald on his contact number. If you are waiting at your pickup point and have not had a call from us and the coach has not arrived there is probably a problem. Please do not just wait there but do call Donald on his mobile to check what is happening.

Should we miss you and no contact has been made by you or we cannot contact you there remain two choices. You can drive yourself to the restaurant catch us up and continue to enjoy your evening. You can call the restaurant leaving a message for us to explain and make your apologies. If you have missed the coach and your dinner or if you drive yourself to the restaurant and there has been no fault on the part of the Local Dining Out Group we regret that we are unable to offer any refunds.

We will at all times, as much as it is possible and within our control, try to maintain contact with you and do everything to ensure you travel to the restaurant successfully and that you have an enjoyable dining experience.

Travelling by coach is a very important part of our Local Dining Out Evenings. We appreciate that some people may not wish to travel by coach for various reasons. We can organise for diners who do not wish to travel by coach to meet us at the restaurant but certain conditions apply. Each diner must pay the full ticket price which includes the coach journey. The total ticket price includes the coach and everyone is needed to support the ticket price.

On some evenings, for our normal monthly dining, we may be oversubscribed for the coach but be able to accomodate extra people in the restaurant area. As soon as we have filled our coach with fully paid tickets (not before) we will offer, at our discretion, the opportunity for extra cars to be used. It will be important to fill each car with the driver plus three or four diners who will be paying the full ticket price. On this basis only we will allow the driver to have one free dining ticket for the evening. This will only apply where there are three or four people in the car as well as the driverl. There may be some exceptions to this arrangement. This may not apply for a special event, such as dinner on a railway, where dining costs are much higher and we reserve the right to cancel or modify this arrangement.


We will provide a menu with choices for each Local Dining Out Evening. This will vary according to the restaurant and the best deal negotiated for the night. This will normally be two courses, main and dessert but sometimes a three course dinner, sometimes there may be additional benefits according to the restaurant. There is no normal dinner, each will be different and it is important to read the details on offer for any one Local Dining Out Evening.

We will publish the menu and ask you to choose from the items offered. If anyone has any special dietry requirements they should mention them when booking. We will always try to include at least one vegetarian option. We need to mention that once we have informed the restaurant of your choices we would be in their hands to provide the requested. In the event of any mistake we would speak to the restaurant management.

Your ticket WILL include:

The provision of your food selections, as chosen by you, from the menu on offer for the evening. We regret we are unable to offer any reduction in the ticket price should you decide against choosing or eating any one course on the evening. It also includes your FREE coach seat (where seats are available) plus a contribution towards tips for our driver and the restaurant staff.

Your ticket does NOT include:

It will not include any extra dishes which you may require. If you order any extra dishes these should be paid for on the evening to the management at the restaurant.

It will not include any drinks. You should order the drinks you require and pay for them at the bar or be billed and pay the restaurant.

Your dinner ticket will not include the price of any raffle tickets as sold at an event. One exception is your lucky number dining ticket which provides you with one chance in our separate special draw for the evening. This raffle and the prize(s) are at the discretion of the organisers.

We are unable to accept any liability for any diners unpaid bills for drinks or extra food which they have incurred at the restaurant on the evening. If we are notified at any stage of any unpaid accounts they will be passed on to the diners concerned even after the event.


The Local Dining Out Group organisers will choose a local restaurant for each Local Dining Out Evening. It is expected we will visit a different restaurant for each Local Dining Out Evening and would value feedback about each as we may well return on another occasion. If for any unplanned reason there is an emergency and a restaurant cannot provide dinner for us at the last minute, we reserve the right to change to an alternative location or date. Notice to diners would depend upon how much notice we were given and remain at the discretion of the Local Dining Out organisers. It is our intention to look for new restaurants and return to restaurants we have already visited. Both of these will be merged into an annual plan. The Local Dining Out organisers try to visit each restaurant before booking and try out the menu, at their own expense. This is to make sure the restaurant maintains the quality of food, drinks, atmosphere and service we have become acustomed to.

When you book and pay for your ticket we expect that you will be using the tickets and joining us at the event. Sometimes life overtakes a situation and we need to outline how we look at these situations.

Normal Monthly Dining Out
We normally expect these tickets to be booked in advance of the event. Payment is normally in full made by one of our payment methods as outlined. We expect that everyone purchasing a ticket does so with the expectation of using the ticket. Sometimes something may happen to mean that one or more people are unable to join us on the day. Cancellation and any refund will depend on the date notified in relation to the event.

Where we receive notification, preferably in writing, that someone is unable to attend for a genuine emergency, before we book the menu choices, seven days before the event, we will normally refund the ticket price in full.

Where we receive notification, preferably in writing, that someone is unable to attend for a genuine emergency, after we book the menu choices, seven days before the event, we are unable to offer an immediate refund of the ticket price in full. In fairness, for any Dining Out Event the restaurant will have made provision for everyone's food and the cost of the coach relies on a full coach. We would do all we could to resell the ticket, sometimes we have a reserve list of diners. However if this is not possible any refund would be at the discretion of the Local Dining Out organisers.

Special Event Dining Out
Occasionally we organise a Special Event which may be an all day event or a higher price event or an event booked in advance. We will normally take bookings in advance and require a strictly non-refundable deposit on these events. This deposit is an agreement to secure the ticket and we will expect full payment of any balance by the published payment time to allow us to pay the restaurant/event. Again some people may not be able to attend and find out at different times. Your deposit is a committment for your ticket and non-refundable. Your balance payment is an agreement to pay the balance where we have given you time to do so against a notified date.

If you find that as a result of an emergency you are unable to attend the event we will be unable to offer an immediate refund. This is because of our committments for the cost of the event. We will however always try to run a reserve list of any interested people who couldn't pourchase tickets or any other people we may know who might be interested. We would contact these people and try to sell your ticket(s) acting for you. If we manage to sell your ticket(s) once the new buyer has paid we will refund your payment(s)

Weather/Unforseen Circumstances
We do not intend to cancel any dinner unless the prevailing weather is really bad on the day/evening and the coach company consider it unsafe to drive. Alternatively if there is a problem at or near the event location (example a bomb threat or fire) we will always do our best to reorganise. If this should happen we would try to reschedule the event on the soonest possible date or arrange to go to a different location giving full and as much notice to our diners as possible. Any refunds would be at the discretion of the Local Dining Out organisers.

Wheras we like to encourage everyone to join our dining out events and let us know in advance that they would like tickets. We are happy to accept provisional bookings as soon as we announce the next dining location and details.
Tickets cannot be considered as booked and secure until - full payment has been received, menu choices made and our booking form completed.
Most of the restaurants where we are dining request our menu choices seven days before the event. We therefore need your booking completed in full as above by that date which is normally the morning of the Wednesday the week before the event date. This date will normally be advertised on the printed information sheet or online information for that event.

We normally organise a simple raffle on each Local Dining Out event. Tickets are sold on the evening. The purchase of tickets and involvement in the raffle is completely voluntary. The purchase price of these tickets is not included in your main ticket price. The sale and organisation of each raffle is at the discretion of the Local Dining Out organisers at the event. Donations of raffle prizes are very welcome. Every prize donated allows more funds for our chosen charity.


If you would like to come on one of our Local Dining Out Evenings


(A) If you are new to our group and not made a previous booking:

Your Name

Your full address with postcode

Your home phone number

Your mobile number (A mobile number is important for text, especially if you do not use e-mail, also for immediate contact on a Dining Evening)

Your e-mail address.

You can give us this information by telephone if you prefer. 01725 513963
Please note all information is kept strictly confidential for us to use to contact you.

(B) If you have booked before: Your Name. eg: Fred Smith

(C) For everyone making a booking:

Your Pickup Point for this event (short version from our list - eg: [BROOK LANE]

Please let us know if you need special seating on the coach for medical reasons. eg: "FRONT" or "NEAR FRONT"
for all other people please enter "ANY"

Please let us know if you have anything on our menu or generally, if important, that you mustn't eat. eg: "NO MUSHROOMS"

Your Starter (if offered for event) eg: [SOUP]

Your Main Course Choice eg: [ CHICKEN]

Your Dessert Choice eg: [CHEESECAKE]

How you will be paying: eg: CASH / CHEQUE/ ONLINE PAYMENT
(we will check & confirm receipt, especially online payments)

Your Payment Date. eg: 26/10/2016

click here for printable booking form

We must presume by making a booking you have read and agreed our terms & conditions.


(1) You can call us and make your booking by phone giving your menu choices & arranging payment.
Donald Summers on 01725 513963

(2) You can send us an e-mail covering items (A) or (B) plus (C)
Payment by one of the following ways.


(1) Direct Bank Payment:

Online banking is very straight forward. You need to set up Local Dining Out Group as if we are a person you normally and regularly pay through your online account. Our details are immediately below.

Can you please send us an e-mail when you have made your payment through the online banking just to let us know and confirm the amount paid.

You may need to send us your menu choices and pickup location at the same time. If you are new to our group please send your name, address, postcode, landline and mobile numbers.

As soon as we receive your e-mail we will look out for your payment through our online banking and send you a message as soon as we receive your payment. 

account: Local Dining Out Group

sort code: 20-72-37

account no: 33642410

reference: (your surname)

(2) You can deliver your payment by cash or cheque
Cheque (made payable to: Local Dining Out Group)
Local Dining Out Group, 7 Hill Close, Woodgreen, SP6 2BG (FRONT DOOR ONLY)

handed personally to Donald Summers or Angela Summers

(3) Call us and ask us to call and collect your payment as cash or by cheque
01725 513963
Cheque (made payable to: Local Dining Out Group)


It is often customary to offer a tip to the the people who have looked after us during the event. This would normally include the waiting staff at a restaurant and the coach driver(s). You ticket will include a small amount towards the tips for the evening. The cost of this contribution is part of the overall ticket price and not identiefied separately. It is understood that you agree to this contribution on buying your ticket. The payment of tips how much and to whom remains at the discretion of the organisers on the evening.

On most Local Dining Out events we will intend to take general phtos of the dining area and specific group photos of diners at each table. These photos will be available to view through this website and may be used to publicise Local Village News and our Local Dining Out Group Evenings. We respect everyones wishes, please let us know If you have strong feelings that you would rather not have your photo taken. Where this is important to you we will ask you to withdraw whilst a photo is taken.

We anticipate that each evening may produce a small financial profit. This will be used to support the running of Local Dining Out Group which remains a voluntary organisation but which does have operating costs.

We hope that everyone will always have a marvellous time and will enjoy the food and company. We would value hearing from anyone with comments, good or bad about any aspect of the evening and receiving copies of any photos taken that we can publish on this website.

In the unlikely event of any complaint, this should be sent in writing to:
Local Dining Out Group, 7 Hill Close, Woodgreen, Fordingbridge, Hampshire SP6 2BG
or by e-mail to:

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