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About Our Local Dining Out Group

Would you like to be part of a local group of people, going out every now and then to a local restaurant for dinner, at a reasonable price,
travelling by coach with no worries about driving?


Here are the main points:

Click on the yellow link below to join and register your interest on our free contact list. You will need to supply some basic contact details for our records.
These details will not be passed to any other party
your name only will be used, when we send in our menu booking to a restaurants.
There is no charge to be part of this list and you can ask for your name to be removed at any time. There is no obligation to attend any dinner or right to
a guarantee place.

From time to time we will contact everyone on the list with details of our next Local Dining Out event and offer tickets for sale. This will be on a first come
basis. Numbers will be limited by the coach size and the capacity of the restaurant, so early booking will be essential.

Tickets will include your dinner, most likely a two course meal and your coach ticket. The coach will pick up from a designated point reasonably near to
your house and drop off there or nearer. All drinks will be excluded. Any extra food will be excluded. All drinks and any extra food must be paid for direct
to the restaurant on the night. We aim to keep the total cost for the evening to £20.00 to £30.00 total per person although this may vary according to the
location of the restaurant and our negotiation on the cost and quality of the dinner.

We will require you to sign up for each individual dinner as notified, giving your name, pickup point, dinner choices (from options offered) we will also
require full payment. Payment should be made with booking or must be made at least 7 days before the event. We will be unable to make any refunds if
bookings cancelled near to or on the day, as the restaurant will require full payment. We would try to find someone to take your ticket but cannot
guarantee this.

It is expected that we will agree at least three menu selections for each night, often more and at least one of these would be a vegetarian option.
You would be required to choose your menu before the evening. Please enter any special dietry requests on the registration document, this can be
changed if you contact us.

Membership of our Local Dining Out Group is intended for anyone over the age of 18. Requests to bring younger people will be at the discretion of our
Local Dining Out Group organiser. Pickup points will be restricted to Fordingbridge, Woodgreen, Breamore, Hale and the immediate surrounding area,
they remain at the discretion of the Local Dining Out Group organiser. If in doubt or you have an extra request please contact us as below.

Payment for tickets may be made by Online bank transfer, Personal Cheque or Cash.

Local Dining Out Events are organised on a voluntary basis and all organising and work undertaken is unpaid. Any profits from any event are used to
support and run our Local Village News website which is also run as a non profitmaking voluntary organisation. Our aim is to donate any residual profit
to various charities.

We also organise a raffle for our chosen charity every time we dine. Prizes are purchased from raffle proceeds or we are very grateful if our diners are
able to donate prizes.


If you have any further questions please contact Donald Summers on 01725 513963 or